Theatre work

'DREAMERS' at Oldham Coliseum June/July 2015. Sneak preview..

CinderELLA Dukes, Lancaster 2014/15 


A CHRISTMAS CAROL, Dukes, Lancaster 2013/14


Here's what the critics have said


Lancaster Guardian: ' Music - both recorded and live - abounds, and there are original pieces played out with guitar, violin, trumpet, ukelele, and washboard, bringing a warm sound to the show, and some first class dancing - and singing - from the ugly sisters.'

.'What's on Stage: '...points up the changes in mood, as does the fine vocal and instrumental score from Carol Donaldson'


Lancaster Guardian

 'The songs themselves are unique, fun, tragic and just as importantly move the story forward'

'The music is spot on'

The Stage

'With a starving/dying child added to the plot, Tiny Tim portrayed by a puppet and concert party songs, director Joe Sumsion has been handed a very mixed bag with which to hold the attention of an all-aged audience - but succeeds'

British Theatre guide

 'The songs go down a treat and segue perfectly'

The Visitor

Hear Underscoring mix here:


TREASURE ISLAND. The Dukes, Lancaster 2102/13


Catchy sing-along songs by Carol Donaldson and a talented hard working supporting cast .. director Joe Sumsion has come up with another welcome slice of fast moving relief from familiar festive fare - Blackpool Gazette

Never afraid to break new ground, this theatre long ago turned its back on traditional festive fare in favour of more adventurous productions... a production which would even bring a smile to Stevenson’s face. - The Stage

'The lyrics and music were outstanding'  - David Upton (reviewer from British Theatre Guide and Lancaster Evening Post)

See video below for some sound clips of the songs


'SLAVE - A QUESTION OF FREEDOM'. Feelgood theatre

Carol was Musical Director for 'Slave -a question of freedom', which won the Pete Postlethwaite award for Best New Play at the MEN awards. It opened at the Lowry in Autumn'10, also playing a private performance at the House of Lords. It transferred to Hammersmith, London, Riverside Studios in Sept '11 then tours to Liverpool and Derby.

An Amazing Story...

In the Nuba mountains of Sudan, life is still a good fire around which stories are told, until the men on horseback come. They burn the village, murder, rape and abduct the children to be sold into slavery. Mende Nazer was one of those children. In 2000, after seven years, she was passed on to a diplomat’s family in London. She escaped, only to face a new struggle for political asylum.

City Life: 'A terrific ensemble cast of eight international artistes performs this real life story of  an innocent young girl who led a simple life before her enslavement. Clegg directs with sensitivity and much of the success of this production lies in its mixture of narrative, dance and music.'

Radio & other credits

Times review of radio 4 drama

Composer for award nominated Radio 4 play 'Normal and Nat' written by Debbie Oates and produced by Nadia Molinari. (See review in The Times on the left.)

I have been composer and Musical Director for several shows at the Library Theatre, Manchester  -'Robin Hood', 'Working', 'A Christmas Carol' and MD on 'Our Day Out' and more.

I've MD'd two children's musicals on at the Strand and Royalty theatres, West End followed by a No 1 Tour. (Book of Dreams and Aesop's fables)

I've worked as MD and composer on many Manchester Youth theatre productions including Lysystrata, Under Milkwood, Cabaret and several more.

 'Feed' at the Octagon, Bolton, starring Roy Barraclough

University work:

MD'd productions of 'The Convict's Opera' and  'The Dybbuk' at The Rose Theatre, Edgehill University.

'Yerma' and  'A Threepenny Opera' for Manchester  Metropolitan.

The Pardoner's Tale, Henry 1Vth Part 1 for Salford University. All dir. Bill Hopkinson


Carol Donaldson

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